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Jun 9, 2022

EP 100 - Pedro Meneses: Powerful Lessons I've Learned Over the Last 2 Years

Pedro Meneses

Welcome to Episode 100 of the Chronicles of a Modern Beast. It’s been a process of 2 years of consistency, grit, reinvention, determination, and battling imposter syndrome along the way.  It’s also been filled huge breakthroughs, successes, and triumphs.  The lessons learned were earned, and the growth experienced was necessary in order to build credibility, despite being pulled in different directions by distractions. 

May 26, 2022

EP 99- Zack Williams, Founder of ROI Marketing Firm: Feel, Touch, See, Smell, and Creating With Work Ethic

Pedro Meneses

There are those who are self-taught, self-educated, and ultimately self-liberated. The box we’ve been given to create our lives in doesn’t work for everyone. There’s a certain freedom that exists when you discover your true superpowers, focus your efforts on results, doing a great job, sticking to your core values, and maintaining the highest level of ethics in life and business. 

May 19, 2022

EP 98 Founder of Extraordinary Man: The 5 Step Business Breakthrough- Ryan Horn

Pedro Meneses

The difference between regular people and above average people is a combination of a few things: grit, determination, consistency, tenacity, and the foolish belief that everything is possible. But one thing validates entrepreneurs is when they combine those elements with hard work and genius. Today, you’ll get a chance to meet one of these people. 

May 12, 2022

EP 97- Brenden Kumarasamy, Founder of Master Talk: Communicating With Excellence

Pedro Meneses

If you want to be like the 1%, you have to abandon the 99%. How you live, how you work, and how you communicate are the key elements to creating a whole new world. 

May 5, 2022

EP 96- Serial Entrepreneur: Habit Stacking Your Life to Success - Paul Halme

Pedro Meneses

The best-made plans are always apt to change whether we want them to or not. Sometimes we start our lives out of school with a mission to have a predictable and perfect life, only to come up short. Twists and turns are inevitable, but we always end up where we’re supposed to be, following a path we couldn’t have predicted better for ourselves. 

Apr 14, 2022

EP 95- Serial Entrepreneur and Servant Leader: Timeless Lessons and Wisdom of a Youthful Heart - Sammie Knight

Pedro Meneses

A part of life is experiencing it.  The lessons.  The mistakes. The heartache.  The successes. The wins.  As we grow, we learn to control what we can and let go of the things that we can’t. After all, we’re not completely in control, even though we like to think so.  But here’s the beauty.  If we’re fortunate and wise enough to seek out counsel, friendship, and partnerships with those who have done more and seen more than we have, we’ll most likely find a friend for life.  Someone who will serve as a mentor, coach, and sage willing to share their journey filled with lessons and best practices to follow for the future.

Apr 7, 2022

EP 94- Dr. Sharon Grossman, Burnout Recovery Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host: The 7E Solution to Burnout

Pedro Meneses

Pedro and Dr. Sharon jump into the essence that’s affecting American Society and certain parts of the world on today’s episode.  They discuss mindsets we’re raised with, habits we create as a result of living in certain environments, and the challenges we face to make our way into a better life.  Dr. Sharon skillfully outlines how everything in our lives fits together like a puzzle. She shares the 3 contributing factors that lead to burnout and how to reverse their effects on us.  Bring your notepads and pens and get ready for a big bonus at the end that will help you in your journey as you avoid burnout. 

Mar 31, 2022

EP 93. Serial Entrepreneur: From the Trailer Park to Passive Income; The Discovery of the True Dr. B

Pedro Meneses

The beautiful thing about life is you never know where it’s going to take you.  A few things are for sure; you’re going to have struggles and you’re going to have wins.  You’re going to laugh, cry, and have reasons to celebrate.  You’ll be tested and tried and throughout the process, you will continue to grow into whom you are intended to be. Today’s guest is someone who is going to take you on a journey that will play out like a movie in your head in real time.

Mar 24, 2022

EP. 92 Breaking with Convention and Finding Alignment - Jessica Malone

Pedro Meneses

“When I stopped putting all the value in my job and the money I made, and all that stuff, it allowed me to start thinking about what do I really want to do?  What am I  passionate about and that’s when my business, although it wasn’t a business then, that’s when my business, “Not Your Average Joe” was born.  And I really started talking to people on the internet about my minimalism journey.

Mar 17, 2022

EP 91. Asking the Right Questions and Doin' The Damn Thing - Chase Scroggins

Pedro Meneses

There’s something tap, tap, tapping in the back of your head. It’s there for a reason. You’ve just chosen to ignore it this whole time.  What would happen if one day you woke up and decided “today would be the day” you chose to do something about it by taking massive action? Your world would look different. 

Mar 10, 2022

90. Live It Full: Knowing Who the F#ck You Are and Break the Chains to Redefine Family Legacy - Richard Fergeson

Pedro Meneses

Have you ever looked in the mirror, truly looking at your face without breaking your own gaze as you ask exactly who the f#ck you are?  The truth is not something many people are courageous enough to search for. Very few do the research to discover where they come from.

Mar 3, 2022

89. The Redemption of a True Family - Doug Mitchell

Pedro Meneses

As men, we think we have to conquer the world.  And we’re not wrong. It’s something that’s born into us, but the ego has a challenging way of getting in the way of truly working on ourselves, fixing the broken thought processes and habits that remove life from our relationships. 


Dec 5, 2021

What is Beard Oil And How To Use It

Pedro Meneses

Let's start off with the basics. Beard oil is a specially formulated oil designed to keep your skin and beard in top shape. Our beard oils are made out of natural oils to help condition, moisturize, and soften your skin and beard hair. As you grow, our unique oil combinations feed your skin to supplement the important balance of nutrients that beard hair needs to grow.
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