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EP 95- Serial Entrepreneur and Servant Leader: Timeless Lessons and Wisdom of a Youthful Heart - Sammie Knight

Sammie Knight



A part of life is experiencing it.  The lessons.  The mistakes. The heartache.  The successes. The wins.  As we grow, we learn to control what we can and let go of the things that we can’t. After all, we’re not completely in control, even though we like to think so.  But here’s the beauty.  If we’re fortunate and wise enough to seek out counsel, friendship, and partnerships with those who have done more and seen more than we have, we’ll most likely find a friend for life.  Someone who will serve as a mentor, coach, and sage willing to share their journey filled with lessons and best practices to follow for the future.    

Sammie Knight is a Serial Entrepreneur, Investor, and Servant Leader who has held many positions in his life working in very corporate structures to solopreneurship, entrepreneurship and now as an investor.  


Today, Pedro and Sammie break open this episode bypassing the light, and fluffy you’ll find in most conversations.  Sammie dives into to sharing a great story about his father who had a lesson to share at a funeral he attended.  Sammie is very transparent in the way he shares some of his weaknesses as a younger man and being short-tempered.  He talks about the importance of curbing the urge to lash out at people, honoring the employees that commit their time and talents to building your company.  Sammie talks about the corporate world and the focal point of what “they” honor.  This episode is packed full of powerful wisdom, lessons learned, and experience earned.  Sammie shares a few tips you can take with you to help you for the rest of this life and leave a legacy that will help the next generation.  


What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why Sammie is so committed to working himself out of a job and firing himself

  • The greatest compliment you can receive in business that Sammie learned while he was working at a very high-level in corporate 

  • What Sammie’s Dad shared with him in the cemetery one day

  • How giving people the opportunity to succeed will gain walk-through-fire loyalty

  • Sammie talks about the power of Apex and what it means to him when he walks in the room

  • How Sammie starts his morning and ends his day

  • One thing Sammie sees happening today that he never would’ve imagined 30 years ago 

  • Sammie watched the Lunar Landing in 1969 and he references the bridge in time through technology

  • The best way to date your wife and what that means to Sammie 

  • How to manage the discussion with clients when you’ve come up short during the day

  • Three things that keep us from having a good night’s sleep

  • One bad habit that was one of the hardest for Sammie to quit over 19 years ago

  • Why it’s important to get yourself into the habit of doing good things

  • Pedro shares one of his bad habits he quit a few years ago and how it’s impacted his life once he figured out the pattern he needed to break

  • Why it’s important to give your people credit, but more importantly, to give yourself credit and pat yourself on the back in private 

  • And much more! 


“Learn how to connect your heart to your brain and show people respect, time, and understand the value of people and you will be paid huge!”

  • Sammie Knight 


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How To Get Involved:

From rock bottom and $500 to his name, Pedro Meneses moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning his life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business.

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