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EP 93. Serial Entrepreneur: From the Trailer Park to Passive Income; The Discovery of the True Dr. B

Brian Hawley


The beautiful thing about life is you never know where it’s going to take you.  A few things are for sure; you’re going to have struggles and you’re going to have wins.  You’re going to laugh, cry, and have reasons to celebrate.  You’ll be tested and tried and throughout the process, you will continue to grow into whom you are intended to be. Today’s guest is someone who is going to take you on a journey that will play out like a movie in your head in real time.

Dr. Bryan Hawley is founder of Dr. B Coaching, public speaker, self-proclaimed gym rat, Reiki Master of over 20 years and a Yogi. He started his career in the medical field as a chiropractor and rose to prominence going on to becoming one of the top Spinal Decompression Clinics in the United States. 

Pedro and Dr. B have a great conversation that starts off with Dr.B getting his wife Joanie pregnant at an early age, dropping out of high school only to find a second chance through Barbara Bush’s GED program.  Dr. B shares the early years of struggles and challenges of raising a family while attending Jr. College, Sr. College and then getting into Medical School. Pedro talks with Dr. B about his process of leaving a life of being on welfare from the trailer parks to creating one of the most successful spinal decompression clinics in the nation. Dr. B talks candidly about some of the lessons he learned through tons of failure, mismanagement of money, and his journey to finding himself after bankruptcy left him with nothing.  He shares a truly inspirational journey of what it takes to make your life the best you can starting with knowing who the fuck you are.  


What You’ll Learn: 

  • A candid discussion Dr. B had with the then 1st Lady Barbara Bush as a teenager
  • How to make a marriage work by only living at home on the weekends
  • Dr. B’s first big job after Chiropractic school that paid him $150,000 a year
  • Why he quit that great paying job after 1.5 years
  • How he built a 7-clinic, multi-million dollar spinal decompression clinic in just a few short years
  • Why Dr. B was enlisted as a national medical advisor and some of the shows he put on for Doctors, Hospitals, and CEOs
  • Dr. B’s 100-acre dream farm house he lost after 2007
  • The destructive nature of mismanaging your finances
  • Business Bankruptcy 
  • The power of rebuilding your life starting with getting to know who you are and the process of removing your identity from what you do to find who you truly are
  • Where Dr. B moved his family after the big BK and what he did to reinvent himself
  • Courses he created that still produce hundreds of thousands of dollars on autopilot 8 years later 
  • Dr. B is a 20-year plus Reiki Master and Yogi
  • Why daily schedules are so important 
  • What an anchor promise is
  • Where Dr. B attributes the success of his life 
  • And much more! 



 “Not every big dream is meant for everybody.  Your dream was given to you because you were given the talents and skills to make it manifest. It wasn’t given to them, because it’s not their mission.  It’s your mission, so when you tell them that your dream is not their responsibility to say, “Oh yeah, I love that dream.” They can’t see it. That’s why it was only given to you. Once it’s been given to you, it’s your responsibility to act on it.”

  •  Dr. Bryan Hawley 


Connect with Dr. B: 

 Brian Hawley


How To Get Involved:

From rock bottom and $500 to his name, Pedro Meneses moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning his life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business.

This show is for entrepreneurs who need a dose of reality to develop mental toughness, remove the fear of taking action, and are ready to pay the price, fight, and win at all costs!

In each episode, Pedro introduces you to world-class entrepreneurs and leaders who will share their stories and knowledge to help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, and build an empire.

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