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EP 100 - Pedro Meneses: Powerful Lessons I've Learned Over the Last 2 Years

Pedro Meneses


Welcome to Episode 100 of the Chronicles of a Modern Beast. It’s been a process of 2 years of consistency, grit, reinvention, determination, and battling imposter syndrome along the way. 

It’s also been filled huge breakthroughs, successes, and triumphs. 

The lessons learned were earned, and the growth experienced was necessary in order to build credibility, despite being pulled in different directions by distractions. 

Over the last 2 years, Pedro Meneses has learned how to start a podcast on his own, learn to market, grow, and engage his audience. He’s grown his social network, scrapped the previous iteration of his podcast, gotten his real estate license, pivoted and completely transformed his life. 

This episode comes on the heels of the Million Dollar Mastermind hosted by 48/7 Live, Apex, and Ryan Stewman aka The Hardcore Closer. 
Lean in and listen close. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it doesn’t matter where you are in your life right now

  • The importance of being clear about what you want 

  • The powerful messages of  Divine Fingerprint and why you should read it

  • The importance of being clear about what you want

  • The “10 Sentence” method Pedro uses to get clear about what he wants

  • Why You Don’t have to know what you’re doing to start today

  • An industry Pedro once served that had absolutely no interest in growing their industry

  • The importance of core values and why you should revamp them from time to time

  • Some reasons Pedro started his podcast 2 years ago

  • Lessons he learned about growth while battling imposter syndrome

  • How Real Estate, Property Management, the Air B & B Company, and The Modern Beast are all tied together

  • Why Pedro has decided to step back and ask himself one powerful question everyone should askAnd much more! 


Favorite Quote:

Get clear on what you want and where you’re going. One day I was thinking, doing all this work and I was stressing I thought, “why am I doing all of these things?” That’s when it hit me that I haven’t gotten clear on what it is I want and where it is that I’m going.  And I know that happens because we get distracted by the grind, making posts on social media and all that stuff. When you step back and start asking yourself that question (what you want), that’s where you start getting clear.” Pedro Meneses 


How To Get Involved:

From rock bottom and $500 to his name, Pedro Meneses moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning his life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business.

This show is for entrepreneurs who need a dose of reality to develop mental toughness, remove the fear of taking action, and are ready to pay the price, fight, and win at all costs!

In each episode, Pedro introduces you to world-class entrepreneurs and leaders who will share their stories and knowledge to help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, and build an empire.


Be sure to Connect With Pedro and check out the most recent episode of Chronicles of a Modern Beast in Apple Podcasts

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