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EP 131- Pedro Meneses: Plan B Equals Failure

Pedro Meneses

One thing you have to remember is you're human. You're going to make decisions based on the information you have......and you're going to make mistakes.  It is essential to recognize our progress and growth and take risks to achieve success by committing fully to our plan A and not allowing ourselves to have a plan B. Taking action and making decisions to reach our goals is key, and we should work hard and live hard to accomplish our dreams.


Key Lessons

  1. Recognizing our progress and growth is essential to achieve success.

  2. Taking action and making decisions to reach our goals is key.

  3. We should work hard and live hard to accomplish our dreams.


We're discussing how important it is to have grace on oneself, instead of being hard on oneself. Making mistakes is part of the process of growth and development, and it's important to recognize that and forgive oneself for them. There's gratification in seeing one's progress and evolution, and it can be helpful to look back and see how far one has come


Becoming successful and wealthy requires time, work, and patience. Recently, Pedro and his wife realized how much they have accomplished and grown. It is important to give credit to yourself and plan ahead without any other options


Pedro shares his journey from when he left Guatemala 10 years ago and the one thing he did to keep himself from going back to comfort, safety, and predictability.  Nothing great happens in your comfort zone. 


Taking risks and burning the ships is key to success. Pedro stopped allowing himself to have options, and when he moved to Dallas with nothing, his wife suggested getting a job, but he refused because it would limit their potential. Instead, he got creative and started delivering food, and groceries and creating an app to make it more effective. 


You must commit to your plan A and burn the boats to achieve success. Don't allow yourself to have a plan B or you will be disappointed in yourself. Take the steps necessary to reach your goal and don't give up


Don't let yourself have options, just go and do whatever it is you want to accomplish, no matter how hard it is. Take action and make a decision to carry out your goals or go back to what you left behind. Share and review the show to help spread the message


Work hard and live hard!

How To Get Involved:

From rock bottom and $500 to his name, Pedro Meneses moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning his life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business.

This show is for entrepreneurs who need a dose of reality to develop mental toughness, remove the fear of taking action, and are ready to pay the price, fight, and win at all costs!

In each episode, Pedro introduces you to world-class entrepreneurs and leaders who will share their stories and knowledge to help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, and build an empire.

Be sure to Connect With Pedro and check out the most recent episode of Chronicles of a Modern Beast in Apple Podcasts

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