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EP 120- Alec Minkoff, Owner, Easy Button Marketing: Understanding Wisdom

The path of being successful has many different roads. With all of the distractions we encounter every single day, we're working constantly to stay focused.

Emails, texts, DMs, phone calls, meetings.....the list goes on.  Our mindset is clouded with these distractions, but our vision is clear.

There are many ways to pave a road, but the first step you need to take is the path to acquiring knowledge. 

Alec Minkoff is the prime example of a young entrepreneur who quickly gained wisdom.   

Alec Minkoff is a Video Creator who helps his clientele reach a new level of Branding and Marketing. At the age of 24 Alec is utilizing his Marketing and Finance skills in hopes to help other people. 

Alec talks about his trials and tribulations after starting his passion with a Camera at the age of 13 led him into creating impactful Reels and Marketing tactics for his clients.

The focus that Pedro and Alec speak about is Wisdom. Usually Wisdom isn’t something we learn until we have already been through the experience, but for Alec it’s his main focus on moving forward. 


What You’ll Learn: 

  • Focusing on your craft
  • Why you need to be grateful for the opportunities you and why you shouldn’t compare them to others
  • Open your mind for more knowledge
  • Why ⅔  of the people you know are filled with jealousy 
  • Taking strategic advice to become a beast
  • Finding the perspective in others
  • The Universal Laws that direct our path
  • Alec’s focus when he creates videos  


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