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EP 114- Phil Pelucha, Serial Entrepreneur: The Master of Modern Networking

A strong trait to carry is value.  People either have it or they don’t. It’s something we are made to see but oftentimes ignore it.

Society projects that we need to be focused on viewers and notoriety but we need to be thinking about who we have as a client, who is going to become our next client.

Are you thinking about who is watching or who is investing?

Phil Pelucha is an International Business Consultant and Producer and Director, Phil is best known for Billionaires in Boxers who originally was a Former Professional Football Player (soccer) and also is one of the Top 5% podcast announcers. 

After a gruesome injury in Football Phil felt stranded after his dream was stripped from his identity. Phil addresses why it is good to find value in what we do.

Phil and Pedro discuss the basics of networking and finding the true value in ourselves. Phil shares his perspective on how networking should properly be done and why it is critical to do it the proper way.     

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why we try to fight the plan the universe has for us
  • What made Phil feel lost after his career in Football 
  • The process of Networking and how difficult it can be to network with someone at the top right away  
  • Why do so many people get distracted with shiny object syndrome 
  • The importance of knowing your loses
  • When people doubt in a market  
  • Why do we undervalue ourselves 
  • The distinction of true value that Phil makes 
  • What to think about when starting your podcast
  • The perspective you should have of who is becoming a client from your podcast 

Favorite Quote: 

“This is the thing that happens in business, people get really good at something and then they go well there can’t be much value in it because it’s really easy.”

- Phil Pelucha 

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How To Get Involved: 

From rock bottom and $500 to his name, Pedro Meneses moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning his life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business.

This show is for entrepreneurs who need a dose of reality to develop mental toughness, remove the fear of taking action, and are ready to pay the price, fight, and win at all costs!

In each episode, Pedro introduces you to world-class entrepreneurs and leaders who will share their stories and knowledge to help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, and build an empire.

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