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82. Outlaw Offroad of Texas- Cut the Safety Net and Empty the Tank - Justin Schoener

Justin Schoener

There are seasons in our lives and sometimes they last for 10 years with nothing to show but a drunken, debaucherous, fun-filled adventure. 


And sorry to disappoint you, but this episode is not about any of that.  It’s a story about a man who made the decision to go all in on himself after taking a series of journeys in life and business that made him realize he has more in his proverbial “gas tank” than he realized. 

Justin Schoener is Founder of Outlaw Off-Road of Texas where they outfit some of the biggest, baddest trucks on the roads of the United States with suspension lifts, enhanced diesel and gas performance, tires, wheels, and a full line of truck accessories.  He’s an enthusiastic business consultant educating technicians and owners how to drop the wrench and live a better version of their lives.  He’s an avid investor in VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owners) and loves the chance to educate fellow investors anytime he gets a chance.

In this episode, Pedro and Justin talk about partying in their 20s, their first cars and trucks, the power of the Live Hard program, their favorite books, business ethics, core values surrounding how to operate correctly in business, the power of having a mentor, dealing with the daily stresses of life and business, and how to unplug from the 18-hour grind and why it’s not necessary to work more to have a fulfilling life. 


What You'll Learn:

  • How old Justin was when he bought his first truck and how much he paid

  • Justin’s choice of truck between Chevy VS “the other guys” 

  • The true safety net in entrepreneurship 

  • One book that changed Justin’s business in less than 3 hours

  • Why Justin didn’t have a coach in business until 2021 

  • The power of having high standards and what it means to operate with integrity in life and business

  • A magical 12-hour journey in Apex Evolution where Justin had his biggest revelation to date

  • Why it’s important to establish goals and listen to mentors 

  • How Justin Failed the 75Hard Challenge twice and what made him finally nail it the 3rd time

  • And much more! 



“Anything that’s put in front of me, I’m gonna overcome it. I’m gonna figure it out. Whether it’s employee problems, I’m not gonna give up. I’m not gonna tap out. I may have to take a step back and take a breather and to recenter and refocus, but overcoming adversity. I don’t care what’s thrown at me whether having to work out in the open air, lack of employees, if I have to get out my own tools and work again.  We’re gonna figure it out and get the customer’s job done.” Justin Schoener


Connect with Justin:



Outlaw Off-Road of Texas


How To Get Involved:

 From rock bottom and $500 to his name, Pedro Meneses moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning his life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business.

This show is for entrepreneurs who need a dose of reality to develop mental toughness, remove the fear of taking action and are ready to pay the price, fight, and win at all costs!

In each episode, Pedro introduces you to world-class entrepreneurs and leaders who will share their stories and knowledge to help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, and build an empire.

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Enjoy the Show! 

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