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69. Align Your Empire & Ignite Your Life - Burton Hughes

Burton Hughes

 Welcome to this special chronicle where we honored and celebrated the release of Burton Hughes New Book and Best Seller "Align Your Empire."

Burton wrote this book to challenge the work/life balance myth that most people struggle with and leaves them frustrated with choosing between chasing their dreams and fulfilling regular life duties. 

In this episode, we cover the highlights of his book, the transformation process that took him to establish his methodology and the 6 areas you should focus on to align your life with your calling and purpose in life! 

Make sure you get a copy of the book here:

About Burton:

Burton Hughes is a former Mr. Ohio in bodybuilding and an IFBB Pro in Men's Physique, featured in/on Magazines, book covers, and other forms of Modeling/acting over the years.

Burton is Motivated, Driven, Relentless, and Committed.

His competitive spirit and discipline led him to later become highly successful in business, with over 18 years of Sales Leadership and Business Management experience in Roofing/General Contracting and Real Estate.

From humble beginnings to now being a successful 7-figure earner, Burton has overcome everything from depression, suicide, abandonment, and everything in between to become an accomplished entrepreneur, leader, and husband.

He is one of the most remarkable examples of what a man can become when committing to yourself and his goals. And now, he's on a mission to help others Align their Empire!

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