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59. Breaking The Shackles Of Conformity - John Highley

John Highley

 How serious you're about putting in the work and doing the hard stuff that will help you break free in your life?

How important are those goals you have that you're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them? 

If that's you, this episode will teach you what it takes to break the shackles of conformity and the reward behind doing the hard work and pushing yourself to the limit!

John is the Creator of the Dent Trainer online education and the leader of the Marketing Savage Movement. 

John's mission in life is to help over 1,000,000 business owners break the shackles of conformity. John is a top contributor who has several podcasts and soon to be a published author.

John has coached and helped train over 10,000 clients who now represent what winning looks like at all times. John is a full-time entrepreneur who has ownership in 6 companies. He's also a loving husband and proud father and lives in Dallas, Texas.

Work Hard, Live Hard. 

Pedro Meneses.



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