The Ultimate Beast Bundle

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The Ultimate Beast Bundle has everything you need! 

Beard oil for dry itchy skin no more, beard butter to soften that beard hair and prevent split ends. Does it stop there? No!

Beard balm to tame that beard on those wispy days.

Soap? Yes!

The most luxurious beard soap with the softest plant butters ever made. Our soap will simply amaze you with immediate results. 

Next up. Our dual tooth comb will rock your beard and hair. Detangle and finish with a comb that will not only last a lifetime but will become your daily go to styling tool. But that's not all!

We are also including a Beard Boar Brush so you can give volume to that beautiful Mane!

Lastly, the Official Make Masculinity Great Again Hat & Your Participation Trophy Tee.

What's Included:
(1) Beard Oil - 28ml
(1) Beard Balm - 28g
(1) Beard Butter - 28 g

(1) Face, Beard & Moustache Soap - 113 g

(1) Beard Boar Brush
(1) Dual Tooth Stainless Comb Parting Tip

(1) Make Masculinity Great Again Hat
(1) Participation Trophy Tee